Size Matters

I was channel surfing this morning and happened upon a flopped ear and opted to see Mr. Bunny through to the end of the episode. Don’t judge. Looney Toons represent some of the happiest days of our lives. I was about to use a commercial as my excuse to escape the Cartoon Network when I […]

Smoke Signal

It happens to everyone. It happens several times, but there’s nothing like the first time. It becomes less frequent as we acquire more experience, but we are only human. Perfectly imperfect. We don’t ever start cooking thinking today’s the day I’m going to totally freak out my neighbours. Smoke pouring out of the windows, doors […]

Ring of Fire

I’m always happy to see a Canadian production, so MasterChef Canada (MCC) was a welcome addition to my prime time line up. The producers were able to gather an eclectic group of home cooks. Rat food, camel toes and emotional breaks, Season 1 of Master Chef Canada ought to be great! It’s interesting seeing people […]

Beer Burps

We’re half way through season two of The Taste and it is yet to disappoint. There’s been sabotage, meltdowns and drinking problems. Pretty much everything a person could ask for from reality TV. The Blogger: We don’t care about your fans. The judges don’t care about your fans. We know you’re a food blogger. We’re […]

Daddy’s a Killer

From the red farm house we moved to a log cabin down the road, around the bend on the bank of a pond. There was another lofty barn, the yellow Lada and acres of land perfect for hide and seek. I hide, my brothers go play Atari. That was, until a tragic accident with some […]

Butter Buns

I grew up on a farm north of Toronto, outside of a small town named Wasaga Beach. It was the traditional type with red paint, white trim and a big ole barn in the back. We had a golden retriever named Sunny and a yellow Lada parked out front.  I used to play dolly house […]